Modular Homes

Building a modular home is a distinct advantage over a traditional site-built home. In most cases, 85% of the work to construct a modular home is done in the factory. This in turn reduces the scope of work needed to be completed on the job site.

You will no doubt wonder why modular homes sell at such competitive prices and offer so much in them! The efficiencies of factory production allow modular homes to sell for less than comparable site-built homes. Industry analysts cite average savings ranging from 10% to 30%.

Spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with modular homes. View the video below and find out why Modular homes are they way to go.

Download a pamphlet from High Tech Housing (formerly Indiana Building Systems IBS) regarding manufactured/modular housing here... All new homes built by Hi-Tech housing manufactured after 2008 come Energy Star™ compliant and are typically 30% more efficient than homes built to 2004 standards. Find out more here...