Trade In Your Home

Did you know you can TRADE IN YOUR HOME for a MODULAR HOME on a basement with a garage and land?

We can PAY YOUR HOME OFF and your trade in could be your down payment on your new home. You can get real estate interest rates on modular homes.
WE MAKE IT EASY for you! You can even live in your current home until your new home is completed.

DOES YOUR HOME NEED REPAIRS? DONT FIX ANYTHING! TRADE YOUR HOME IN NOW for a new manufactured home and we'll take care of the repairs.
We can PAY YOUR HOME OFF for you and get you a brand new home (with qualified credit).


NEED MORE SPACE? We've got beautiful homes of all sizes to fit your family's needs.
A new home could possibly be the same payments as you have now plus save on energy bills.

Come in or call us at 319-234-8610 and see what we can do for you. It's easier than you think!